The Album

The making of this album comes from the endeavor of many!

The Lord was gracious to provide me the ability to write the words to these songs and the music. These songs are very close to my heart and emulate my love for Lord Jesus, and they are very personal and each has a very special meaning and story behind them.

His love has been very real to me even as a child and having given my heart and life to Him at 9 years of age. His grace in allowing me to be part of this glorious end – time message and Bride is something I will always be grateful for. Music is something that can change how we feel, uplift our spirits and convey healing. Music truly has been a source of comfort and strength to me and, I trust this album will be a blessing to believers everywhere. I hope, and pray that maybe one verse or song will be an encouragement to you in your daily walk with Christ.

Please feel free to listen and enjoy the songs that were inspired by my Lord Jesus Christ

Laura Snow




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